About - Purity Limewash

Purity limewash is about making natural lime paint finishes easy, fun, and ultimately rewarding for pro painters and DIY'ers everywhere.

Founded in 2018 by Joshua Dunn, the owner of a masonry restoration contracting company in Kansas City. He draws from a depth of knowledge in lime mortars, plasters and lime washes. "My goal is to provide accessible and easy to apply natural lime and mineral coatings to homeowners and professional painters alike. We want to make limewash paint and mineral paints, which are healthier than common plastic based paints, an easy choice."

Lime paint is a compelling product with a long history and increasing applicability for interior design. New mineral based primers and sealers are now overcoming a hurdle where applicability was an issue in the past. "There's no other product that provides the same matte, yet luminous surface as lime paint. Of course the other draws include the natural mineral ingredients and the subtle liveliness that the paint is known for."