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Lime-Prep Primer

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This mineral based primer must be applied before applying Purity Limewash to drywall, previously painted walls, and surfaces that are not naturally porous (this step is not generally required before application to bare brick or stone). Our zero VOC primer is low odor and allows limewash paint application to many surfaces!

White Base Primer is the go-to for most applications.

Clear Base Primer allows the natural color of your base material to show through. Especially useful for wash effects if you are diluting the limewash paint with water.

We recommend one coat of this limewash primer and two coats of limewash paint for most applications. Brush application is recommended.


  • Typically ships within 2 business days
  • Lime-Prep primer is a 0 VOC product
  • Allows Purity Limewash to be applied to wood, drywall, and many previously-finished surfaces.
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Typical coverage is 200 - 300 sq. feet per gallon

Customer Reviews

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Grace Shin
Lime wash primer

I used this primer under your regular paint, and this thing stuck and absorbed the pigment. Creates wonderful pattern, properly absorbs pigment.